Clerk of Courts Legal and Title Offices will be closed for the day, Friday, April 10th.

To ensure the health and safety of staff and the people we serve, the Huron County Clerk of Courts is placing the following limitations to access of the clerk’s office:

If you are running a fever, coughing, short of breath or have possibly been exposed to COVID-19 please DO NOT ENTER the clerk’s office.  Please call us at 419-668-5113 for assistance and instructions. Only those conducting essential business with the court shall be admitted to the clerk’s office.  Access to the clerk’s office is limited to a maximum of 3 members of the public at a time.

Filing of court documents shall be made by FAX 419-663-4048 or by mail rather than in person.  Please include a phone number with your
paperwork so that we can contact you if necessary.  If you have questions or concerns, please call or email our office.  We will be
happy to assist you.

Payments shall be made by mail, credit card by phone or online through our secure website  

Use of the office’s public terminals is currently restricted.
You may use your own computers at your convenience to research records on the clerk’s website
If additional document images are needed, please make specific records requests by phone, fax or email.  While we cannot perform your research, we will respond to specific requests by emailing the document images at no cost.

Because the US Department of State is not currently completing general passport services at this time, we will not be accepting passport applications until further notice.  If you have emergency travel needs, please go online to

Thank you for your assistance in these extraordinary times.

Susan S. Hazel, Huron County Clerk of Courts


Huron County Clerk of Courts CONTACT INFORMATION:


Office phone:
419-668-5113                                       Fax:  419-663-4048



The Huron County Title Office is currently closed to the general public until further notice.  This is in coordination with Governor DeWine’s ordered closing of the BMV offices.  We are each joining the efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Title staff is available to respond to phone and email inquiries (419-668-5717 Monday through Friday 10:00AM – 1:00PM.  Behind closed doors we will continue to work to serve public and dealership titling needs.