Filing Fees


No civil action or proceedings shall be accepted by the clerk for filing unless the party or parties offering the same for filing shall have first deposited a sum to secure the payment of the costs that may accrue in such action or proceeding, except as otherwise provided by law.  Such advance deposit shall be in accordance with the schedule approved by the Court and prepared and published by the Clerk from time to time.
Upon the filing of COUNTERCLAIM or THIRD PARTY COMPLAINT in any civil action, other than domestic relations, there shall be a deposit with the Clerk as upon the filing of the original Complaint.
Upon the transfer of a case to this Court from the Municipal Court for the reason that a counterclaim is in excess of the Municipal Court’s jurisdictional limit, the counterclaimant shall deposit with the Clerk a deposit for a counterclaim.  Any deposit transferred to this Court from the transferring Court shall be credited to the deposit to be filed with this Court.
Upon the transfer of a case to this Court from another court a notice will be sent to parties to pay the balance owned on deposits for the complaint and any counterclaim within thirty (30) days and to inform them that if a party is delinquent, the complaint or counterclaim will be dismissed.  After 30 days if the balance owed on deposits is not paid, the complaint or counterclaim for which the balance owed on deposits was not paid will be dismissed.  Any deposit transferred to this Court from the transferring court shall be credited to the deposit to be filed in this Court.
Credit card payments are accepted at the Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse or by phone for court costs, fees, fines and bonds.
A processing fee of $2 or 3% whichever is greater will be applied to the charge.          
Credit card payment with convenience fee also accepted at the title office.


Civil Actions
Filing Fee/Deposit
$ 625.00 Foreclosures
$1220.00 Order of Sale
$1000.00 Alias Order of Sale with reappraisal
$ 550.00 Alias Order of Sale without reappraisal
$ 375.00 Malpractice Suits
$ 300.00 Service by Publication Through the Clerk
$ 325.00 Complaint / Counterclaims / Third Party Complaint
$ 275.00 Crossclaims, Motion to Intervene
$ 325.00 Cognovit Notes
$ 100.00 Order in Aid of Execution/Debtor’s Exam
$  75.00 Order in Aid of Execution/Garnishment
$ 100.00 Writ of Levy on Execution
$  75.00 Writ of Possession
$   5.00 Making Certificate of Judgment or Certificate to Transfer
$  30.00 File Certificate of Judgment
$   5.00 Release of Certificate of Judgment
$  10.00 Additional Fee if Personal Service Requested
$ 275.00 Foreign Judgment
$  75.00 Judgment Debtor’s Exam
$ 125.00 Jury View
$ 275.00 Reopening Closed Cases
$ 275.00 Contempt in Closed Cases/or Reactivated Cases
$  70.00 Court Ordered Title Fee
Fees Criminal Actions
Filing Fee/Deposit
$ 50.00 Sealing of Record
$ 35.00         Postage Deposit
Domestic Relations Actions
Filing Fee/Deposit
$ 350.00 Home Study (Deposit by Moving Party)
$ 450.00 Divorce
$ 450.00 Dissolution/Legal Separation
$ 225.00 Counterclaims and Crossclaims
$ 275.00 Change of Custody
$ 275.00 Reopening Closed Cases
$ 275.00 Contempt in Closed or Reactivated Cases
$  10.00 Additional Fee if Personal Service Requested
$  50.00 Q.D.R.O. (if filed in a closed case)
$ 750.00 G.A.L. (per party)
Court of Appeals
Filing Fee/Deposit
$ 100.00 Original Actions, Mandamus, Prohibition, Quo-Warrant or Habeas Corpus
$ 175.00 Notice of Appeal – Each Filing
$ 10.00 Subpoenas for Witnesses in Actions in Habeas Corpus, per person
$    .10 Fax/Electronic Transmissions (per page)
$   1.00 Witnessing Signatures
$   1.00 Certification of any Document or Documents
$   5.00 Filing of Notary (Notary & Affidavit $6.00)
$    .10 Copies, Each Page
$   7.00 Notary Book
$   1.00 Certification of any Order
$   1.00 Assignment of Judgment
$   5.00 Transfer of Judgment
11.01 – In cases transferred to the Common Pleas Court in which the demand of the counterclaim exceeds the monetary jurisdiction of the Municipal Court the counterclaimant shall post security costs in a sum equal to the amount required if the case was originally filed in this Court.
11.02 – In cases with multiple parties, the Clerk may require the party requesting service to advance an amount estimated by the Clerk to be sufficient to cover the cost thereof.
11.03 – A poverty affidavit filed in lieu of a cash deposit must state the reasons for the inability to prepay costs and is subject to Court review at any stage of the proceedings.