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In December 2018, the Governor signed Senate Bill 263, titled the Notary Public Modernization Act.  Among other things, the Act shifts the application, recording, renewal, and discipline of notary commissions from the county Common Pleas Courts to the Ohio Secretary of State. The Act repeals the authority of the Common Pleas Courts to accept and process notary public applications as of September 19, 2019.  


 For information on becoming a new notary or renewal of your notary public go to:   

At this site you will also find information on: 
Filing Notary Commission Applications and Updates
Notary Criminal Records Check
Notary Education and Testing
Search Notaries
Notary Information Resources and FAQs
Ability to Submit a Complaint Regarding an Ohio Notary
For further guidance on the process of becoming a Notary Public or the renewal of your commission, please go to or contact the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office at (614) 644-4559 or 877-767-6446.


Additional details about the Notary Public Modernization Act can be found here:


Gina M. Hartman

Huron County Clerk of Courts