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Clerk’s Office Court Fees and Payments

                 To assure that your case costs are complete and to verify to whom the costs have been assigned,
                please contact the Clerk’s accounts manager at 419-668-5113.

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On the next page, you will be able to select from different payment options:

  • Payment of court costs or probation fee will require you to enter your case number.  This will be an 8-digit number with no letters.
  • If your case was prior to the year 2000, please call our accounts manager at 419-688-5113.  Payment for tax lien releases will require a 4 or 5-digit case number.
  • Customers of this site will be charged a non-refundable fee of the greater of $2.00 or 3% by LexisNexis VitalChek Network, Inc.

State of Ohio tax liens must be paid in full through the State of Ohio before they can be released by the clerk.  The Ohio Attorney General’s toll-free number for information on personal tax liens is 888-301-8885. After you have been notified by the state that the lien has been paid in full it must be released in the clerk’s office where the lien was filed.  Please call our accounts manager at 419-668-5113 for confirmation of the court costs associated with your lien(s).  Once the release fees have been confirmed, we can accept credit card payments over the phone or online.

If you have a misdemeanor or traffic fine please refer to your traffic ticket.  THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT SITE FOR THESE FINES.   Please contact the Norwalk Municipal Clerk for Norwalk fines 419-663-6750 or the Huron Municipal Court Clerk for fines from the city of Huron 419-433-5430.

If your case has already been forwarded for collections, we are no longer able to accept payment and you must contact the Ohio Attorney General’s office at 888-871-8838 or pay online at

To assure that your case costs are complete and to verify to whom the costs have been assigned, please contact the Clerk’s accounts manager at 419-668-5113 during office hours.  Once you have confirmed your case number and costs due, payment can be made online, by phone, mail or in person at the courthouse.


Court Costs and Lien Release
Contact accounts manager at 419-668-5113 or email after hours.

Probation Fees
Contact Huron County Adult Probation at 419-668-8610.

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